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Bike sharing USI Lugano

We're USIng bikes. PubliBike


Need to run a quick errand downtown?
Want to get around the entire city quickly?
Prefer to leave the car at the Park&Ride outside town and reach USI by bike?

A FREE bike sharing pass on the Lugano and Malcantone network is available to all USI members (students, Faculty and staff).


How it works:
PubliBike is bike sharing service that allows all registered users to pick up a bike 24/7, ride it and leave it at the station closest to their destination. The Lugano network has 22 stations around and inside the city, one of which is located by the USI main entrance (see the map).


Rates and conditions:
The pass is offered by the USI to all its members. After you register, exclusively following the steps written in green on this page, your personal USI card will be activated for the PubliBike service. The first 30 minutes ride are for free - just enough time to reach any other bike station. After that you will be charged for every minute, according to the PubliBike rates (0.05 CHF/min. and 0.10 CHF/min. for e-bikes). Please read the Terms & Conditions here.

To register for the bike sharing service follow these few steps:
(IMPORTANT: This operation has to be repeated every year in September)


1) Click HERE, choose "Università della Svizzera italiana" and log in using your NET-ID.

2) Fill out the form that appears with your personal data, or - if already present - check that the data are correct.
IMPORTANT: in the appropriate field you can enter your preferred email, this will be your official PubliBike contact email.

3) After confirming the general conditions, click on "REGISTER" and your data will be automatically transmitted to PubliBike. Your USI card is enabled to use the bike sharing service.


4) In a short time you will receive an automatic email from PubliBike to the email address indicated in the form, with the indications to reset a new password to access your PubliBike profile. The email you have entered and the new password will be your access data to your PubliBike account, on which you can check your travels, any transaction and eventually pay for any expenses.
If you decide to use the PubliBike mobile app, remember these login details.

STEP-by-STEP instructions




Network map (5.5 MB)

PubliBike FAQ

STEP-by-STEP (see step 5)

Terms & Conditions



Hotline / customer service PubliBike:
(phone number to call if you need any help)

058 453 50 50

(from 6AM to 7PM)


Contact form

App PubliBike for Android: Android Market
App PubliBike for iPhone: App-Store


PubliBike is a bike sharing scheme provided by PostBus Switzerland Ltd. The customer enters into the contractual relationship on which these GTC are based with the operator of the scheme.
The USI declines all responsibility.